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A Natural Remedy for Memory and Health

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A Natural Remedy for Memory and Health
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A brief spell of forgetfulness happens to every one of us. But in certain cases, memory fails very regularly. The early Romans and Greeks used rosemary with purified water to inhale the odor, believing that this natural remedy healed them of all the ills of the mind and even cheered up the memory. The rosemary is still considered a natural remedy for mental fatigue and cerebral exhaustion. The home remedy of rosemary tea is a great drink for memory and decreases forgetfulness.

If you are forgetful and your memory is failing you every now and then, then you should try a natural remedy that is excellent against memory loss and increases your learning ability. The natural remedy is the tea of rosemary which besides helping to recover the memory of natural and healthy form also has other benefits for our organism.

Some of the benefits of rosemary tea for our health are as follows:

Helps restore the nervous system after long brain activity.
It helps the body to digest sugar, so it is great for diabetics.
* It is digestive and covered with sweat.
* It is excellent against anemia, inadequate menstruation, and blood production problems.
* It is excellent against bronchitis and colds.
* It is indicated for muscular pains and tendinitis.
* It is indicated for heart problems such as cardiac arrhythmia.
* It is great against scam and mental fatigue.
* It is great against memory loss and increases learning ability.
* It is great for skin health and against burns and injury.
* It is useful for dandruff and hair loss. In such cases, one can drink the tea and wash the hair with it.
* Balances the temperature of the blood and the entire body.
* It stimulates the metabolism, acting in the liver and improving the function of the organs.
* Strengthens the very important center and acts all through the body.

Now after knowing all the benefits of rosemary tea to your health, you can see the rosemary tea recipe below.

To make the tea, add a teaspoon of rosemary to a cup of water or a tablespoon to one liter of water. Let the water boil, put off the flame and put the washed herb of rosemary in the hot water. When it shrinks, it is ready to drink. Drink the tea without sugar. If you want sugar then mix it with honey. A word of caution: Tea is contraindicated in pregnant women.

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