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Emergency Number 108

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Emergency Number 108
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 Punjab Government has started the Emergency Response System popularly known as Seva 108 service in the entire state of Punjab. This is a step in the right direction but at the same time the service called Seva 108 is provided by human beings, the contractual employees of either the Government or by the organization with which the Punjab Government has tied up arrangements. The public may or may not avail the services but a minimum level of expenditure is being incurred by the State Governments for maintaining these service.
Nowadays the public avoids:
  1. Admitting the school children in Government Schools (even the political leaders do not send their wards to Government School to instil confidence in the general public)
  2. Admitting their nears and dears in Government Hospitals well equipped with competent doctors.

In nutshell Government Public Utilities, provided by the State or Central Government out of your own (tax payer’s) money are not availed by the public and the whole machinery, equipment and manpower become lethargic, rusted and dysfunctional. Please avail of the Government Services as the State Governments are spending huge money in the name of “Right to Service”. Know more about Seva 108 in the state of Punjab :

  • Services of Ambulances are provided 24 hours through Emergency Response Centre 24x7x365.
  • Services of the ambulances can be availed from anywhere in the State of Punjab by dialling 108 from Landline or Mobile phone.
  • These Ambulances shift the trauma cases and other emergencies in the designated earmarked health institutions.
  • Ambulances provide services in case of roadside trauma, suicide, cardiac emergency, neonatal pediatric emergency, diabetic emergency, respiratory emergency, maternal emergency, epilepsy emergency, animal bite, burns, fever and/or infections threatening and endangering human lives.
  • The Emergency Ambulances will reach the place in 20 minutes in urban areas and in 30 minutes in rural areas.
  • Ambulances are monitored through GPRS for deployment to the site.
  • Ambulances are getting instruction from highly trained doctor sitting in the control room.
  • The ambulance is manned by specially trained Medical Technician and Driver.
  • Ambulances have all emergency medicines, which are being given to the patients in the ambulance itself. 
  • The ambulance is equipped with emergency medical equipment like; Collapsible Auto Loading Stretcher, Scoop Stretcher, Spine Board, Oxygen Manifold System, Airway related equipment, Automatic BP apparatus, Ambulances are equipped with rescue tools for extraction of the patient from accident vehicles with electric operated Kit.
  • Ambulance and control room simultaneously interact with the nearest hospital where the patient to be taken.

If you have time, Join Us and help us to help others. If you are busy tell others to join us to prepare an ever-ready force of volunteers.

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