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What is Difference between I-Ticket & E-Ticket

There are two modes of online booking available in IRCTC website. These are I-Ticket and E-Ticket. Passengers general opt for E-Ticket without bothering to know the basic differences, benefits and/or positive/negative features of I-Ticket and/or E-Tickets.   I-Ticket  I-Ticket can be purchased online but it is delivered at customer residential address in 2-3 days time. I-Ticket need to be booked at […]

Can I rectify the mistakes in E-Ticket booked online

It is a big question if change of name and/or change of gender can be carried out online in respect of confirmed online E-Ticket issued by Indian Railways. If Indian Railways permit this facility the tricksters will book advance e-tickets in dummy names and rectify in the name of real travellers or passengers by charging […]

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