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Do Bank Depositors need to Panic under FRDI Bill 2017

BANK DEPOSITORS NO NEED TO PANIC YOUR DEPOSIT IS SAFE: Financial Resolution and Deposit Insurance Bill, 2017 is meant to protect interests of depositors. Presently under Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation, Insurance of Deposits per customer in each Bank are insured up to Rs.100000-00 only. In my earlier article which was published in the year 2012 […]

Obama Comeback – Indian Economy – Social – Mixed – Capitalistic Economy

This article of mine was first published in 2012-13 when Obama was re-elected as US President for the second term January 2013 to January 2017. I have been writing articles on Indian Economy. Today (Jan 2013) with the ComeBack of Obama the Indian Economists are debating about its likely impact on India. Definitely, under the current scenario, it can be taken […]

Great American Recession in 2007-08 Case Study

During the middle of the year 2007, world’s biggest economic power that is the United States got a severe jolt to its economy with the bursting of Housing Loan or Real Estate bubble popularly known as Sub Prime Mortgage Loans crisis when big investment Banks like Lehman Brothers had to be taken over by J.P.Morgan. […]

Role of Banks in Indian Economy – Yesterday – Today and Tomorrow

After independence the Indian Economy was a mixed economy and the India’s Central Banking Authority known as Reserve Bank of India was nationalized on 1st of January, 1949 and Banking Regulation Act was promulgated in 1949 to regulate and control the Banks in India so that the Banks could play a major role in Indian […]

Cash Less Corruption Free Society – Demonetization of Currency

In my earlier articles also I have been impressing upon the need for a Cash Less Society to weed out Corruption from India. The GOI needs strong will Power to go in for Demonetization of Currency as Money Supply has grown to a dangerous level and if not checked – it can be disastrous for the Indian Economy […]

Indian Economy – Liberalisation Effects

Deficit Financing : Uncontrolled Inflationary Pressure The RBI not only provides money to banks, but also has to supervise them on the issue of liquidity in the economy. Reserve Bank needs to reconcile with holding prices and financing the deficit of the Center at the same time. Both these actions are the mandatory functions of the RBI. While […]

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