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How to receive Payments from WQA?

When your cash bucks reach a prescribed level, you are eligible to receive payments direct to your bank account from us. This prescribed level is set by the webmasters every month and can be at variance slightly depending upon various factors. Mostly, our minimum payout amount is Rs 1000. This means, if you have a minimum cash bucks balance of Rs 1000, you will receive a payment from us subject to entrance of Security PIN as per payment regulations of the site. Ordinarily, we will announce payments once in a month, which will be in the first week of every month. When payments are announced, the payment amount will be deducted from the total cash bucks earned by the member. The deducted amount will be added to the profile of the member as ‘Cash payment’. If your name and payment amount is announced in our forum or if you see an entry called “Cash Payment” under prizes section in your profile, you are eligible to receive the payment from us to your bank account. If there is a payment announced for you, you need to upload an invoice to receive the payment. In the invoice you need to fill in your correct address, contact information and bank details as per invoice. Before submitting the invoice check your bank account details thoroughly as we will not have any control over the payments landing into wrong account number or name given by you in the invoice and no claim will be entertained in respect of wrong payment on account of member’s mistake. However we will be responsible for letting the members know the UTR Number and details of NEFT sent as per invoice submitted by them.

You can download a sample invoice from here: download sample invoice

Instructions to Fill Invoice

We always prefer to transfer the money online from our bank account to your bank account. For this, we need to get the following information from you:

– Your user id in this site
– Your secret PIN
– Published payment amount
– Your Name exactly as in the Bank account
– Full address of your Bank and branch along with IFSC Code
– Your phone number
– Core Banking Account Number

You must fill all the above information in the invoice upload to the payment details page.

What if my bank does not have Core Banking account ?

If your bank does not support Core Banking, then we can send you the money by demand draft. Please fill all details in the Invoice except the core banking number. Make sure you are providing a valid payee name to receive the payment in the bank.

If you do not have account in the bank, you may use your parents account information to receive payment. (Only the payee name need to be your parent’s name. All other details should be yours)

Payment process

Here is the typical payment process:

1. When your cash bucks reach the minimum balance, we will announce a payment to you.

2. You download the invoice template and fill the details. Signature is optional in the invoice.

3. Visit the payment details page and upload the invoice in the payment details page.

4. We will transfer the payment to you within 10 days from the date of uploading the invoice.

There is no fixed timeframe to complete the payment process, but we expect you to submit the invoice within 2 weeks from the date of payment announcement so that we can complete the accounts and transactions within the same month. If there is a delay from your side due to any reasons, that is fine and no need to inform us about the delay. We will pay you as long as the delay is not more than six months. If you submit the invoice after six months from the date of payment announcement, we may or may not pay, which will be decided by our accounting management.

If you have any questions about a specific payment, visit the payment details page and submit your question through the option provided in that page.

Additional Instructions to Fill the Invoice

1. Before submitting the invoice for payment, you must fill all the details in the invoice.
2. The Invoice number can be found in the payment announcement in your profile page in the site.
3. Your secret payment PIN specified in this invoice must match with the Payment PIN you selected in your profile in the website.
4. If you do not have a bank account, you may specify the bank details of your parents or relatives. In that case, you should fill the payee name and bank details of the account owner.
5. If your bank does not have a Core Banking Account number, then leave it blank. In that case, we will send the payment by Demand Draft to your postal address given above. There may be a delay in sending demand draft.
6. You can submit an invoice only after a payment is announced in our site and only after it appears in your profile page.
7. Signature is not mandatory in the invoice document.
8. We do not accept invoice by post or email. Instead, it should be uploaded to the payment details page. To see the payment details page, go to your profile page in the website and click on the link “Details” next to the cash payment entry in your profile page under the tab “Gifts & Awards.
9. uses a separate invoice format. All other websites in the network uses the exact same invoice.
10. A separate invoice need to be filled and uploaded to claim each payment, even if it is multiple payments from same site. We do not allow multiple payments specified in the same invoice document anymore.
11. If you have any questions about completing this invoice, please post in the Forum in the respective website.

What are you thinking now? Check Payment Details to find if you are eligible for cash payment from the site or not.

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