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How to Earn Cash Bucks at WebQuestionAnswers

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How to Earn Cash Bucks at WebQuestionAnswers
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What are Cash Bucks?

Through this article, we will make the readers, users and members understand the concept of Cash Bucks and how to convert or redeem such Cash Bucks in to real cash.

  • Cash Bucks are allotted for the articles, resources, questions, answers, forum discussions, reviews, job posting and comments, suggestions etc. so that the members can get highest earners’ badges to participate in the editorial and management team of this site in addition to certificate of recognition. Cash Bucks are entirely different from scores.
  • Cash Bucks are real cash we award for various contributions in the site. Cash Bucks get accumulated in the member’s profile and are paid periodically to the members when Cash Bucks reach the minimum amount.
  • We shall be introducing Cash Bucks for following activities on this site:

1.         Posting content in various sections is the easiest way to earn Cash Bucks from this site. The members having good error free writing skills then your contributions is the articles section can earn you good value for money.

2.         We also provide Cash Bucks for bringing your friends and contacts to the site through your referral link provided in your profile-cum-dashboard. The members will get immediate Cash Bucks when your friends become members of the site, activate their account and push their first approved contribution on the site. Your referral Cash Bucks will go on multiplying automatically when your referred friends earn higher level of badges, accolades and/or certificate of recognition. On the day of winning higher level by your referred member Cash Bucks will get credited in your account.

3.         We shall be conducting contests and the winners of such contests will also get Cash Bucks.

Cash Bucks get credited only after our honorary editors manually moderate and review the contents. Cash Bucks can be received by the member in their bank accounts when it reaches the minimum payout amount. Moreover we do not claim that this site makes you rich overnight but it works on the principle of “No Profit No Loss” and the editors, mentors or administrators of the site work voluntarily without earning any pay or wages from the site and after the members reach the Kohinoor level they may be taken in the admin panel of the site. However editors, lead editors and Chief Editors will be conferred with the rights to promote their own links, businesses on the site. As the members go up in hierarchy of the site they get some additional preferences.

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