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How to write a good title and summary

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How to write a good title and summary
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Good Titles are essential for successful online content writing. I am not recommending that the body of article to be of poor quality as by Good Title head we can attract the readers for once but not always if any useful information is not found by them in the body article. The following factors make the content popular only on the basis of Good Title.

  • 90% of the readers decide whether to open the page or not just by looking at the Title. So, any attractive, meaningful or good title has the potential of getting readers for your post.
  • Search engines decide whether to show an article post in search results or not depending on the keywords found in the title. So, if you can embed the commonly searched keywords/terms/phrases in your title, then it will make a huge difference in getting search traffic to your posts.
  • Include “What”, “How “, “Why “, “When” or “Know” etc in the title for example if you are writing an article on Balanced or Nutritional diet then you can have the title “What is a balanced and nutritional diet” and “What are the natural sources of balanced and nutritional diet”.
  • Make the title as lengthy as possible so that more keywords can be included in the title.
  • If the title is in the form of a question, end the title with one question mark only and not with multiple signs of exclamation, question or even dots.
  •  Title should be minimum 10 words and maximum 20 words.
  • Title should be true reflection of the article body.
  • Title should be in running language and not all letters in CAPITALS or every word need not start with CAPITAL letter.
  • First letter, name or noun can start with capital letter.

Caution:  Use a meaningful Title and do not repeat keywords or few phrases in the title for the sake of traffic. Such tricks may not work in the long term and the title will be ignored by search engines due to keyword spamming and it may even result into penalizing the whole website, book or its author.

Good Summary of the article is as important as Good Title. Summary is important as popular search engines like Google display the summary in search displays and if the summary does not meet with the requirements of the reader searching for any content then there is every likelihood that your article may be ignored by the reader. Good Summary is one of the most important criteria for search engine optimization.

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