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Images Posting Guidelines

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Why these guidelines? As this site and connected blogs use Google Adsense, the premium advertising media and as per their terms of service and conditions they do not permit to use any copied or copyrighted content or images. As regards images alone, even if the same are not copyrighted the images created on the internet are not free for all as the images so created belong to the initial creators who spent time on creation of images.

Just imagine the situation that you create images or explore the nature to photograph while taking expeditions and share or post your created images or photographs along with their articles or post and at a later stage you find the same images or photographs in the articles or posts by other authors, you will feel agitated that somebody has stolen your images along with content which may be better worded then yours content. Search engines may ignore your images due to better SEO optimization tips used by the copier or duplicator who violated and infringed the copyrighted images or images owned by other including you. It will hurt the original owners and you may be subjected to DMCA legal policies which can damage the reputation of the author violating the norms.

Respecting the online ethics of decency we do not allow copied images from other websites to be posted with your resources and articles in this site. However there are few exceptions which are listed below in the general image posting guidelines:

  1. Ideally images to be posted on this site are photographed or drawn by yourself and it will be much better if you insert watermark to your own created image so as to keep the copiers at bay.
  2. While writing articles on products, gadgets or consumer goods it is considered ethical to have the images from the original producer or manufacturer website so far you, as an author, are writing positive review of the product and the producers will be delighted to see free promotion of their products without incurring any advertising costs but at the same time they may file damage suits if you use the images from their websites for writing negative reviews. Inter company or intra company comparative reviews are not considered negative reviews. However some manufacturer sites do not permit their copyrighted images to be used.
  3. Images should not have any watermarks embedded in it.
  4. It is illegal to post images of people even if photographed by yourself wherein such people may appear in embracing situations like drinking or gambling at night clubs.
  5. Do not post any porn images or offending images as if the same get inadvertently published and circulated on the site then you will be solely responsible for the legal issues.
  6. Wikipedia photos which are free from copyright can be used by acknowledging the fact that the image is courtesy or borrowed from Wikipedia.
  7. Some websites sell images on their sites and to attract new subscribers and publishers to their site they also provide a lot of free photos to be used by authors and publishers. But such images might be the copyrighted images owned by original owners.

No doubt the images and photographs make the resource look beautiful and attract more visitors but it is always advisable to use photos photographed and drawn by yourself and in case of any doubt resist from posting the image along with your resource.

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