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Why to write an Article at WebQuestionAnswers

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Why to write an Article at WebQuestionAnswers
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Web Question Answers is New Site under the popular Brand Name WQAINDIA. Though it is destined to be a Global Site but we do not want to hide our identity as our Head Quarters and origin is in India. Members are still learning and trying to be used to the new site, its layout, its motive but I share my experiences as New Member Guide on the site and if you have questions, do not hesitate ask even basic questions. If you are not comfortable with your dashboard, I am to inform you that this is the proper platform for the authors, content writers, students, teachers to start authoring work. You can call your dashboard as mini Writer’s Desk as this site is developed in such a way that it can accommodate millions, billions and trillions of writers on any subject from Short Inspiration Stories for Kids to intricate questions on Legal Matters and Technologies. We pay for every approved work on the site and to start with your dashboard will show Zero earnings in INR. Once you reach the minimum payout of INR 2500 equivalent to approx $40, which will include your adsense revenue share also after it is fully activated, you will have to get your address and bank account verified so that we can send the amount of your earnings over and above $40 directly in your account for domestic writer or send NEFT payments to our overseas writers. We also plan to have tie up with PayPal, the global money remittance facilitator even via email even without telling your bank account particulars to us as under PayPal requires you to connect your dedicated email account with them and is the most trusted brand for remitting money in more than 25 currencies across approximately 200 countries. You will appreciate that we can grow step by step as the founder of the WebQuestionAnswers ventured from a mere author on blogger to  host site facilitating the other bloggers to learn as to how to get promoted from a sub domain owner to top level domain owner. What are you thinking now? Just start writing an article on subject of your taste either directly through your own dashboard or in MS Word with all spell checks so as to earn better revenue.

However if you think that you are not finding any suitable title for your article, even then we will help you to find and suggest the titles for your articles to optimize your adsense revenues. We have many titles for your knowledge sharing articles and the list is endless. When our writers reach the saturation point in our Know Yours Series, I am sure this will become a mini encyclopedia of knowledge which could pave way for researched articles by Google Scholars. Just pick up any topic from Know Your ……List and you will find it very easy to write on any topic which may appear to be funny but may become so popular to spin earnings for you because though this site your topic will cross all geographical barriers and automatically translated into more than 65 languages to get you fans from through out the world. Word of Caution: Keep away from porn, sex, haterdness and violence related articles.

Initially, you may feel that it is very difficult to earn from this site by writing or posting resources. The founder owner of the site could not make more than $500 in the very first year of writing work and that too working tirelessly. But in the future as you go on contributing, you will not only earn from your latest writings but will also earn from your past collections which may become your life time asset.  

Once you build up your reputation on the site and get more and more visitors to you’re your articles. We will open the secrets of “How many visitors required to generate $25 per month” in our next announcements through open forums. You can also use social network and media to promote your work as sharing your work on the social networking sites helps you to have fans on all such networks. When number of your articles and resources increases in number and size then each article gets multiplied and compounded as an online author’s portfolio investment and you may even command more demand from high yielding advertisements through automatic bidding processes so that the money builds up. Remember success never comes overnight or it is not by chance rather it is your choice to provide quality along with quantity to yield more even if margins are very thin.

Always upload your real photo in your profile and link it with your Google+ profile so that your fans can easily recognize your face from the search results and it works like a Brand Name. You may get surprise offers from other publishing platforms also as publishers are in need of potential writers. We will be happy if you get recognized as premium publisher on the web and we will feel proud of you.

It is always better to edit your articles and resources directly to the screen from your dashboard which provides you “Auto Save” facility without bothering to remember that you need to press Ctrl + S or Save button. You can keep the article pending to be published as per your mood swings. I prefer to write when I am completely free and feel to continue writing my half baked article left in the drafted mode. You can come back at your ease and finish editing the article in your spare time. Before publishing you can see the Purview of Your Resource and nobody can be better judge than yourself to assess the resource. You may publish the article or resource after passing through vigorous quality tests, the most important of which is not to copy paste or duplicate any article or image from the library of any other author on the web. We pay better for unique articles and search engines also like originality. Generally articles of more than 500 words fetch good revenue and traffic and if the article is of more than 1500 words, it is considered better to divide the article in 2 or more parts by providing link to the 2nd or subsequent part in the last paragraph of your article. Share your article on G+, Facebook with a request to your friends and contacts to comment and rate the article as their rating will not help to get you more and more traffic but will also generate adsense revenue for the site which is shared amongst the TOP 50 contributors of the site in terms of points and Cash awards.

I am also an ordinary member just like you and you can post any of your anxiety in Ask Experts or Forums to be attended or answered by more and more guides like me. Hope you will enjoy being a member of the WQAINDIA community.

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