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How to Link and verify your Google+ Profile with your online content?

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How to Link and verify your Google+ Profile with your online content?
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Every genuine author, publishing articles on various publishing platforms like HubPages, IndiaStudyChannel or WebQuestionAnswers or on their own individual blogs will like to see his or her unique articles in Google Search displays through their Google+ profiles as is being shown in screenshot on the left. I have implemented verified Google profile authorship everywhere on the web so as to keep the thieves at bay. By owning your own articles as verified Google author, the authors can keep track of their published work and pass on the Digital Assets to their Legal Heirs to earn royalty from the hard work done by their forefathers.  Keeping this in mind, we sincerely advise you as under:

Before marching ahead to link and verify your Google+ Profile at, ensure that you have given your Google+ Profile ID (as per help available for finding the Google+ Profile ID) while editing Social Profiles on this site.

Now Proceed to set up relation with your Profile at WebQuestionAnswers with your Google Profile:

  1.  Visit your your Google+ Profile page.
  2. If not signed in, Sign in to the Google+ Profile.
  3. Check the Contributor Section and Edit the contributor section.
  4. Add “Custom Link” in this section.
  5. In the Custom Name, provide the name of the site in which you are contributing. For example while configuring at this site you can provide the name of this site.
  6. In the second line put the URL of your profile e.g. user ID/ by replacing your user ID with real user ID on this site. But never fill your Google Adsense Publisher ID or URL of your Google Adsense Dashboard in case you are already an approved adsense publisher.
  7. Save the edited contributor section.
  8. You are done. After 24 to 48 hours your Google Authorship will get activated and your Google+ image will be visible is Search Engine displays alongside your content, as you can see in the screen shot above. It is advisable to add the URL’s of all blogs or sites where you are contributing your articles so that public can easily identify your authored content on the web. You will be able to keep record of all your activities on the web which is otherwise very difficult for any individual to keep track of.

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