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Google Translator Utilities

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Today one of my friends came to me for getting a lengthy Legal Agreement to be translated into Hindi after exhausting all his efforts. I thought that it should not be a difficult task in today’s technical world. I immediately checked up with Google Translator and there was an immediate solution to solve the problem.
Working of Google Translator Utility for immediate online translation into approx 60 languages and vice verse is reproduced below for the benefit of My Readers and Public in General.

Step 1 : Sign in to  Google Translator with your your GMAIL ID.

Open this Screen Shot in New Window to see Enlarged View:

Step 2 : Manually type document in any language in the box on left side to get translation in the desired language in the box on right side. Alternatively you can upload (Copy and Paste)  the document in left side box. Google translator will not only TRANSLATE the document but also:
  • Detect the original language of the original document.
  • Keep records of all your such documents translated so that you can archive the Original Documents at a future date so as to clarify any doubt or legality of the document translated.

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