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Do you know the fuel saving tips?

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Do you know the fuel saving tips?
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India is spending huge amount of precious foreign exchange to import crude oil and petrol due to consumption increasing by leaps and bounds – thanks to mushroom unplanned production and sales of LCV and SUV’s. While the government needs to have control over the number of vehicles on the road as per the existing capacity of the roads infrastructure but the government also needs to have control over mushroom growth of vehicles being sold domestically creating demand for more fuel resulting into more import bill and balance of trade problem depleting the precious foreign exchange reserves being created by the exporters and remittances from abroad. Indian think tanks are thinking for alternative source of fuels but till we have some alternatives let us know about the fuel saving tips, which if followed can reduce the consumption and burden on imports: (Follow these fuel saving tips while driving on the road)

  1. Start the engine only when you have to actually start moving. Many times the vehicle owners have been found to be indulged in talking with friends or family members before moving off with engine in ON position.
  2. Switch off the engine on traffic signals where stop time is more than one minute.
  3. Gear selection and speed be maintained as under to get better fuel efficiency:                           Use 1st Gear for moving off till speed of 10 kmph. For speed range of 11-20 kmph use 2nd gear and 3rd gear be used to accelerate the vehicle in the speed limit of 21-30 kmph. 4th gears is used for speed within 31-40 kmph and above the speed of 40 kmph the use of 5th gear is recommended.
  4. It is preferable to drive in 5th gear as much as possible to have optimum fuel efficiency.
  5. Do not try to overtake in 5th gear as 3rd or 4th gear suit best for overtaking. Overtaking in 1st or 2nd gear is not recommended.
  6. Do not try to move off in 2nd gear as moving off is best recommended in 1st gear.
  7. Do not ride clutch pedal and your foot should be off the clutch as to reduce speed simply remove the foot from the accelerator and use of clutch is not recommended for controlling speed. Use of clutch will not only increase the fuel consumption but will also result in excessive wear and tear of clutch.
  8. On seeing a red signal for a distance do not press clutch to bring the vehicle to neutral. Rather keep as cruising in 4th or 5th gear till you reach the stopping signal.
  9. Keep air filter clean and tyre pressure to recommended level to optimize the fuel output.
  10. Switch off AC while moving of and switch on after you achieve the speed level of 10 kmph. For quick cooling in hot summer, open all doors, switch on blower to full blow. Thereafter switch on AC, close doors to reduce load on compressor which will save fuel.
  11. Speed should be increased gradually as accelerating very hard will consume more fuel.
  12. Change to “recirculation mode” while AC is on and keep the windows rolled up.
  13. To avoid unnecessary increase in drag avoid luggage and carrier on roof and always drive with windows closed.
  14. While moving away from home, combine multiple jobs and select the shortest possible roots with lesser traffic. Car pooling can be another solution for saving fuel for the nation.
  15. Vehicle must be got serviced regularly as per maintenance schedule preferably from the authorised service centres.

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