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India of My Dreams

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India of My Dreams
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Ancient India, once known as Golden Sparrow which was haunted by invaders from all over the world and remained under colonial rule till the midnight of 14th August,1947 when it became independent India on 15th August,1947.  Today we are independent having our own democratic Government but somewhere we have gone wrong and we have loss of reputation and respect globally. Now India is seen just as consumer market by the developed countries and we need to protect our national interests to emerge as a Super Power. We will not become super power just being flirted by other nations who make us believe that we will become Super Power. We have to sit together, plan out well protected strategies which are above the personal interests of individuals. To achieve the objectives we need to have:

1.  Cash Less Corruption Free Society.

2.  General Amnesty – Let us Start afresh.

Before I prepare my own road map to achieve the objectives, enjoy listening to My INDIA.

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