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How to earn by posting links at WebQuestionAnswers

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Have you ever heard that you can earn even by posting links of your blog posts or articles at various publishing platforms? But it is very true. WebQuestionAnswers is an upcoming social net working site allowing its members to spread the knowledge or their expertise so as to find something new and to be found by publishing something new. By doing so you have fair chances to earn and learn, online or offline through ethical means. To know more about our Cash Bucks program visit our Help Center.

What types of links are accepted at WebQuestionAnswers?

Suppose you are a blogger, freelance content writer or publisher using writing platforms like Blogger, WordPress, IndiaStudyChannel, HubPages, and Ezine Articles. We also provide the publishing platform in the form of exclusive sub domain for your profile as a contributor. We pay our contributors out of our advertising income as our site is a “No Profit No Loss” website earning out of advertisements alone. However if you are earning remuneration from other sites for your hard work, we will not ask you to switch to WebQuestionAnswers but certainly we will welcome you as a respected member on our site where you can just post links or URL addresses of your exclusive articles at other premium publishing platforms. This will make your articles to go viral and will enhance the traffic to your articles resulting into increase of revenue trough multiplier effect. You can post 5 link URL’s in our Links’ section by logging in to “Post a Link” with a maximum of 15 Links per week.

What will be the benefit of such links to WebQuestionAnswers?

It is somewhat obvious to ask the question – what will be the benefit of such links to us. Yes we are not doing any charity or favour to you as our esteemed member on the site that on the one side we will pay you Cash Bucks and on the other side your articles or content traffic will get more traffic – courtesy WebQuestionAnswers. What you are thinking is absolutely correct as it is not one side love affair and we will also like to be reciprocated. We will accept only such link URL’s of your articles which contain links to articles being published by our esteemed members on our site.

To make the things clear let us elaborate it more clearly. Suppose you are writing an article on “Handling of Chemical Substances – Solid, Liquid or Gaseous” then as an article writer you will be more concerned about general precautions to be taken to handle chemical substances but you will not be able to cover all the chemical substances as thousands of articles on thousands of chemical substances taken together can build up an encyclopedia or Wikipedia. You will definitely try that your readers can move in upward direction to catch hold of the handling precautions of chemical substance they were searching for and to achieve it you may post better links to lead your visitor to find additional information. We would like you to influence the visitor to read about “First Aid Safety Tips in case of Chemical Burns”.

 Now just visit How to treat and provide first aid in case of chemical burns.

  • In the footer section copy the URL of the above article.
  • Know suppose you want your visitor to read about “First Aid Safety Tips in case of Chemical Burns” in your article about handling of chemical substances then you will have to replace the hidden “Text of Your Own Choice” in the copy URL with “First Aid Safety Tips in case of Chemical Burns” to create HTML link code as: <a href=””>First Aid Safety Tips in case of Chemical Burns</a> and you can paste it in your article if you are editing your article in HTML mode or you can place the direct link URL created as First Aid Safety Tips in case of Chemical Burns  in your article.
  • Now after publicizing your article  Handling of Chemical Substances – Solid, Liquid or Gaseous just post the link URL of your article in “Post a Link” under Links sections of our site to get more and more traffic to your original article and also earn Cash Bucks on our site.

What are you thinking now? Join our site for your scholarly articles to go viral on the web.

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