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How to treat and provide first aid in case of chemical burns – Part III

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How to treat and provide first aid in case of chemical burns – Part III
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Acid attacks on girls, in the recent past in India, became a revenge fashion for the estranged lovers and the apex court had to intervene to stop immediate sale of Acid throughout the Indian Union. I do not know if the acid attack menace is also prevalent in other countries out of jealously or revengeful attitudes. This ban will have an impact on the society or not is yet to be seen as sensitizing the mindset is more important than banning the source of heinous crimes in the society. Unless and until the criminal mind is not changed such bans can not do any good to the society. Anyhow returning to the original topic as to how to provide first aid in case of chemical burns let us understand as to what the Chemical Burns are and how severe it can be?

Chemical Burns: 

There can be chemical burns at work places where chemicals are used as both alkalis and acids can cause burns. In case of chemical burns first aid can be very helpful as the burning reaction is likely to continue till the chemical substance is completely washed off or diluted. Swallowing of chemical burns or chemical being splashed into the eyes, though in small micro splashes, can lead to life or vision threatening situations. Sometime symptoms of chemical burns appear within 24 hours of getting effected by chemical burns and do not wait for the symptoms to appear.

What to do in case of Chemical Burns:

  • If you find chemical splashed into the eye then flush the chemical immediately with running for about 15-20 minutes.
  • If the victim is using the contact lenses then gently remove the lenses after flushing the chemical and use running water again to flush the residual chemical.
  • If only one eye is effected then while flushing you need to ensure that the splashes of water do not enter the other eye.
  • After flushing cover  the eye with gentle dressing without pressure and visit the ophthalmologist.
  • Even in case of chemical burns on other parts flushing with fresh water for 20-30 minutes is the  proper first aid.
  • In case of gaseous chemicals or seeing fumes, first of all leave the are and inform the local emergency.
  • In case of dry chemicals the chemical has to be brushed off the body gently and never try to wash it of with water as there might be chances of severe reaction with water increasing the chances of intensity of chemical burns.
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We shall be dealing with snake bites and swallowing of poisonous liquids and solids or inhaling of chemical fumes in separate chapter. Stay connected with us…. to know about First Aid Safety Tips in case of Electric Shocks.

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