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How to earn by referring your friends and contacts to this site?

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We feel that our members are the real assets of this site and we depend upon them to make them feel proud of this Global Site, the most genuine site being built on the principles of Truth, Honesty and Integrity. Our site rewards handsomely for referring the contacts and friends to this site. Initially it may not look attractive but as the time passes out any your referred friends and contacts win the Gold, Diamond, Platinum level of Badges on the site, your account gets automatically credited with score and resultant redeemable Cash Bucks as per incentive program below:

  1. Even if your friend, contact or somebody from the public visits the site through your referral link then our servers will memorize your referral link even if the visitors do not join immediately and join the site at later stage. Such visitors will be considered your referrals.
  2. You need not send the Registration link directly requesting the friend, contact or visitor to register. Instead you can Google, Tweet or share any URL of your choice on this site on your Facebook for your Google Circles, Twitter Followers and Facebook friends to click the URL link with “?ref=YourUserId” parameter at the end of URL and you are the ultimate winner without much effort.
  3. You can choose any of the methods below to add more and more people as your referrals:
  • Best way is to send a personal email with your “Referral Link” available in your profile and ask your friends to join the site by clicking on your referral link.
  • Blog about one of the best features of this site and provide the links in the blog post in any manner as explained above.
  • Your referral link is likely at appear as User ID
  • If you have blog or website of your own then just provide links to any pages in this site, you think could be useful to your blog, sites, and followers. Anybody joining our site through those links will be treated as your referral member. But If you don’t own a blog or website then you can email the useful links in this site to your friends to make them your referrals.

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