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How to edit Social Network Profiles?

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Share your social network profiles publicly without changing the Privacy Settings in your Social Network Profiles. Let your friends and fans find you on social networks like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter etc. Any information provided in this page may be publicly shared in your profile page and various others pages like your content, resources, reviews, questions, answers, forum threads and response etc. 

All fields below are optional. If you do not want to publish any of the profiles/accounts, you are at liberty to leave them blank. But we strongly recommend adding and publishing your Social Network Profiles to be easily found by your friends and circles.

Facebook User Id: Example 1: If your Facebook Profile URL is, enter only “webquestionanswers” here.Example 2: If your Facebook Profile URL is, enter only “449500828414148” here.
Google+ Profile Id:
Example – 1: If your Google+ Profile URL is, enteronly “109858256105555353708” here.
Learn how to verify your Google+ profile and show in Google search results
See list of pages shared by you in your Google+ profile.

Verify linking your Profile Page with us with your Google+ account:

In order to verify your ownership of the Google+ Profile, you specified here, you should add your Profile URL with  to Other or Contributor section of your Google+ account.

Twitter User Id:
Example 1: If your profile URL is, enter only “wqaindia”” here.
LinkedIn Profile URL
Example 1:

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