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How to merge Duplicate Accounts on Social Networks_Linkedin

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How to merge Duplicate Accounts on Social Networks_Linkedin
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When I was just one year old at the internet I found that I many Social Profiles on Facebook, Google+, Twitter,  Linkedin and other social profiles and I used to get mails in my 5 or 6 mail accounts where I used to get messages from my friends and contacts. I never bothered to remember my password as every social network provider or any website which calls upon the public to make their profiles offer the “Forgot Password” facility. You are just to be able to sign in to your connected email or gmail account to get the reactivation or reset password link. Now established social networks like Linkedin, Facebook and Google+ are becoming more and more responsible but even then intentionally or unintentionally the user while signing in to their social profiles via different email user ID’s end up in creating Duplicate Profiles though the data on such duplicate profiles is almost similar unless and until the user himself or herself has not provided different data and particulars about himself or herself with an intention to mislead the online community. By doing so he or she is damaging his or her online reputation and a stage comes when he or she wants to get rid of duplicate accounts with correct or misleading information provided intentionally or unintentionally. In such situations the user has the two options:

  1. To delete the profiles with inappropriate, incorrect or misleading information without revealing the true identity and real profile of himself or herself.
  2. To merge the Duplicate Profile if each and every profile information is similar, matching and real profile without any iota of misrepresentation.

Merging of duplicate accounts or deleting of duplicate profile is nowadays allowed by almost all the established social networks. In this article we explain, step by step, as to how to execute the process in Linkedin Profile as they can help you transfer all your connections to one account and close the other accounts except transfer of  profile data like  recommendations, work experience, pending invitations, or group memberships provided if you inform the Linkedin Team the primary email addresses of all accounts to prove you own the account and tell them which account you want to keep or retain.  Step by Step Process is as under:

Step 1 : For merging duplicate accounts in Linkedin you can make a request at Merge Account Request by signing in to Linkedin with your main or primary email Id but do not forget to submit all your email ID’s in the request form so that the Admin Team of Linkedin can search and locate all your duplicate profiles.

Step 2 :Tell the Linkedin Team the email address for the account you want to keep and retainThis is very much required and the Linkedin Team will not be able to proceed further without this information.

However, as is the normal process with merges, Linkedin Team will not be able to transfer pending invitations or profile data like recommendations, work experience, or your group memberships.  It can take up to 72 hours for your closed/merged account to be removed from LinkedIn. As regards search engines like Google, it can take a little longer for them to stop displaying the public profile for that account, but eventually it will disappear from their results sooner or later. Unfortunately, Linkedin does not have control over search results, but you can contact the search engines directly to readdress this issue.

You can add all your email addresses to your retained LinkedIn account. This can prevent other duplicate accounts from being created in the future. I’d recommend that you have at least one personal and one work email address, just in case access from work or home is not interrupted. Plus, if you lose access to one email address you’ll still have other email addresses we can send password reset messages to. You can add email addresses to your account from your retained Main Linkedin Account’s Privacy & Settings Page. Enjoy secured Linkedin account with Full Online Reputation and do not ignore the advice as it is not in your interest to create mess of your profiles on the web.

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