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How to assess the current market price of your domain?

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How to assess the current market price of your domain?
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Bloggers and Small Businesses purchase Domain Names from Domain Registrars but sometimes they get disappointed as Popular TLD Domain Names are not available. New Domains need to be be optimized for SEO purpose. It is a prudent decision to purchase the existing popular domain names duly appraised by the Hosting Companies like GoDaddy even at premium to attract more and more customers.  For example we provide hereunder the Current Market Prices of few Popular Channels and Websites as appraised by GoDaddy on the eve of India’s 68th Independence Day on 15th August, 2014. The prices are assessed based on their circulation, traffic, social networking and useful content of the site.


This top level domain is being quoted in the domain registrar market somewhere between US $212 to US $634. We think that this Top Level Domain Name is not a BAD BUY up to US $499.00. The domain is due for renewal in July,2015 and can be easily transferred to even Google Domains with excellent features at no extra cost. This domain is good for Authors, Content Writers, FreeLancers and ebook writers to keep all their offline or online content safe at one place in the shape of Link URL on the web or Self Restricted URL links in their Google Drive. It is advised to keep the contents in Google Drive and share it on the site so that re-edicts or changes made if any get changed everywhere on the web automatically. Editing Powers be given to only trusted editors with an option to be notified about the changes in you email or Gmail boxes.


Similarly this “Review Channel” which is being quoted, as appraised by GoDaddy, somewhere between US $100 to US $400 can be considered a Good Catch at US $ 249.00. The top level domain which is renewed upto September,2015 and is eligible to be transferred Google Domains.

The intended purchasers can quote their offers here.

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