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Skill Development Training Program

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Skill Development Training Program
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Due to the physical & intellectual capacity, the adolescents are considered as a product of a society. But most of the adolescents are unfortunately use their potential in an appropriate environment. Niyatee Foundation is one of the best Skill Development Training services organizations in Bhubaneswar.
This is the professional skill development organization in Bhubaneswar giving a very innovative training for leading to NGO services. We committed to provide world-class skill training in a very reasonable manner. Skill development as a national priority considered by the Govt of India. Now a day’s skill development is also new. Through the skill training, it increases the productivity and gives a direction of proper skill development.
We are always giving advanced skill training for developing the skills and assessment of SHGs for the promotion of microenterprise. We coordination of all skill development efforts across the Odisha. We always build new skills and innovative thinking for better skill training.
The vision of our organization to achieve the high standards with a large scale of skilling speed. This NGO has been initiated for multi-level engagement and more impactful implementation of skill development effort. According to government sources, the ministry of skill development and Entrepreneurship to activate & strength the skill development mission.
NGO is an organizer of a local, national or international level with any non-profit voluntary citizen. This is the highly diverse groups of the organization engaged in a wide range of activities. This activity like health, social service, education service etc. is involved in an NGO. Niyatee Foundation is the best NGO service organization in Bhubaneswar. Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) responsible for raising the consciousness of the urban poor, helping them to understand their rights.
We always create a healthy relationship with the public to meet our goals. To deal effectively with demands for adaptive and positive behavior that enable individuals. Skill development always helping young people to take positive action to protect themselves.

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