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Are you looking for better security? Switch to Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 8.

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You need to be congratulated for having opted for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8. Through this article we will let you know in very brief and simple steps as to how to switch from your existing IPhone, Android, Blackberry or Nokia Smartphone.  After all you will need all data, applications and contacts to be available in your brand new Windows Phone 8 which has multiple layers of security and protects you from malware along with accepting only certified applications.

How to switch from Android Phone, iPhone, Blackberry: 

  1. To copy all your old data in the first instance you will have to install the “Welcome Home to Windows Phone Application” on your PC.  Windows Phone Welcome Home can be downloaded here. This will enable you to copy and move all your photos, videos and contacts with single click.
  2. Now connect your old android phone with your computer and check your synchronisation settings. Just select the data you want to move to your brand new Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8, the prize catch.
  3. Download Application Switch for free which will help you to find the existing applications on your old Android Phone and then install the same on your new windows phone. Alternatively you can have the applications of your choice from Windows Phone Store.
  4. Now is the time to synchronise your new phone with your PC or Mac to ensure that all your cloud accounts have been shifted from your old phone to new Nokia Lumia. You will require Windows Phone application for Desktop and Mac.

If you still have some troubleshooting then try these Tips and Tricks to solve your trouble or problem.

How to switch from old Nokia Smart Phone

  1. First of all connect your old Nokia Phone with your PC or Mac and copy all the data from your old phone by using Nokia Suite on your PC from and in case of Mac use Nokia Multimedia Transfer facility at
  2. To get your applications and data to new Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 you will have to go to Tools > upload to SkyDrive and copy your photos and contacts to the cloud by signing in to your Microsoft Account.
  3. To synchronize your cloud accounts in new Nokia Lumia Windows 8 Phone, just synchronize all your cloud accounts on your old Nokia  manually to add these cloud accounts to new phone through Settings > e-mail + accounts.
  4. To synchronize your new phone with PC or Mac, repeat the steps at Sr.No.4 above.

If you still have some troubleshooting then try these Tips and Tricks to solve your trouble or problem.

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