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Tips and Tricks while switching from Android, IPhone or Blackberry to Windows Phone 8

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While switching from your old Android Phone you need to know user guide of your existing phone for enabling bluetooth, mass storage or synchronizing accounts. Try the following Tips and tricks:

  • If the Welcome Home to Windows Phone software cannot find any matching apps, then check the regional settings of your computer.
  • Calendar entries get saved to local calendar by default in some of the Android versions and such entries can not be copied. In such a situation you will have to reconstruct upcoming calendar events at .
  • To synchronize accounts and data with iTunes, you will have to check the user guide book of your old phone.
  • In case you do not have Microsoft Outlook on your PC then use Transfer my Data and iCloud account synchronize for copying copying contacts and calendar entries.
  • Check the sync settings of your cloud account in your new phone to make sure that contacts are copied or syncd only once in your new phone to avoid duplication of data.
  • You can synchronise your photos to SkyDrive in Nokia Suite in JEPG, GIF or PNG format.

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