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    What are Sub Domains, Add On Domains and Parked Domains

    Sub Domains: If you have domain name of your own for websites then you can create sub domains which will work as separate website. You need not purchase new domain name. In the example the portion www is basically the sub domain and it is also called naked domain name. For example if you are […]

    Had You Invested in Raj Lakshmi Unit Scheme (RUS-92) Scheme of UTI

    I have requested the Zee Helpline to take up the following Case on their Zee Helpline as Zee Helpline had taken up the issue earlier also and I am sure that they will be able to build up their broken links in the case from their preserved record. I am still holding the photocopy of the Unit […]

    Britannia Rusk – Expert Review

    I think it was last week of April,2012. I usually took Rusk of local brands with morning or breakfast tea. But the Indian markets are now a days invaded by Big Brands who are making hay while the sun is shining on the branded products. I am not an exception and I also thought that […]

    Government Sectors are better than Private Sectors

    It is a hard fact that in a country like India Government Sectors are better than the Private Sector. Liberalization Process started in 1991 that is after 44 years of independence. If we calculate the same term that is 44 years after 1991 it will be the year 2035 that is 22 years hence. You […]

    What is a Domain Top Level and Sub Domain

    Domain Names On the internet, all the machines like personal computer, laptop, mobile phones and smart phones etc., communicate with one another through Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (http) and in case of secured socket layer (SSL) the same protocol is called (https). The internet service provide or what we call as ISP allots IP addresses […]

    Images Posting Guidelines

    Why these guidelines? As this site and connected blogs use Google Adsense, the premium advertising media and as per their terms of service and conditions they do not permit to use any copied or copyrighted content or images. As regards images alone, even if the same are not copyrighted the images created on the internet […]

    How to Safeguard Wireless Network Security?

    Wireless routers are really wonderful things! They let us use our laptop all around the house, without having to worry about messy cables everywhere. They keep out tablets connected to the internet and our smart phones from wasting costly data packages. But the downside is, that anyone in the area can also barge into your […]

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