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Bhooli Bisri Khatti Meethi Sunheri Yaadein – Pat-I – Starting Point

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BirthDo not go by the date updated above as I started writing it on 30/10/2017. Why did I start writing my autobiography today that is 30/10/2017? Today, as per Hindu Lunar Calendaris my Birthday. I do not have many memories relating to First Part of my life i.e. 0-5 years. My Parents before moving to Sangrur prior to 1960 lived for a very short period at Charkhi Dadri (Haryana) and Nangal Township (Punjab). At that time my father worked with Bhakhra Beas Management  Board Nangal. My Parents had to shift to Sangrur in Punjab – and my father Late Shri Om Parkash Goyal, who studied up to Matriculation from the erstwhile Punjab University of  United Punjab and undertook the exams in English language. He was proficient in English, Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi languages. My father was a real GEM and self made personality who rose to the level of Company Secretary of erstwhile RMI Cycles of India Ltd and Hindustan Tools and Forgings Pvt.Ltd.
Recollection of Memories  : I recollect fading memories of Bhakra Dam under construction and seeing water all around me.smiley
Funny Memories: One of our Prime Minister had told the whole country that Paise pedo pe Nahi Ugtein Sep 2012. I had also this illusion at the tender age of three as my mother used to tell me that I had actually buried Rupee Coins in the earth with the expectation that it will sprout and grow into a Big Money Tree from which I will pluck the Coins and Notes. Anyhow my Doubts and Doubts of all countrymen have been cleared by this Video on YouTube and thanks to Yes, Prime minister. In my opinion, neither money grows on trees nor as explained in the above Videos – but utilizing the Indian Natural resources. Vast Manpower Resources and above all Self Dependency i.e. trying to contain our spending on use of products – for which we have to resort to Import. RBI also conforms to the viewpoint of the Yes Prime Minister.

At last I have decided to start writing my autobiography  without bothering as to what material facts of life along with  supported documents are required and how much time it will take me to securely preserve that treasure in Google Drive – Safe storage Vault for my precious documents accessible everywhere, every time and of Course without any tampering or wear and tear. I will be providing links to such documentary evidence as is available with me and is fully verifiable online.

I took birth in a Lower Middle-Class Family with its ancestral roots in Village – Hariau [also spelled as Hariao] [Meaning Hari – Lord Vishnu will Come] near Lehra Gaga in District Sangrur – 148001 Punjab]. My date of Birth is shown as 13th of October 1956 in my Certificate but my mother told me that I was born in 1956 (Kartik, Krishna Paksha, 2013 Vikram Samvat exactly 30/10/1956 at 4:24 AM) at Charkhi Dadri in Haryana India.

Goods and Services is the key to strengthen INR and attain self-sufficiency by tilting the balance of trade in favor of India. Printing Currency to cover up Fiscal deficit also indicates that paise pedo pe hi ugte hain. PM needs to prove that Money is Hard Earned and will not be allowed to be treated as grown on the trees as in the above Video OR through printing/minting currency to cover Fiscal deficits OR by the creation of a parallel economy in the shape of Black Money. If the issue is not actively redressed then the senior Political Leaders and Prime Ministers of India will be playing the same role as Bhishma played by keeping mute during ‘Cheer Haran‘ episode in Mahabharata. In the Year 1962 – We shifted to Rajpura – 140401 Punjab India – my Current City. Stay Connected Part-II ( 1962 – 1967).

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