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Category box is not working in Post a Job form

Hi editors / webmasters, I am a new member, and am working in jobs section. In the form there is a side heading by name ‘category’, but there is no box or dropdown button against it. Simply the words “” are displayed there. I think this is some kind of bug. Can somebody please look […]

New Member says Hi!

Hi there! I am Manjunath Bhat, new to WQA. I am an accountant by professions and web enthusiast by hobby. I would love to contribute here while enriching my knowledge at the same time. I am planning to be active in as many sections as possible especially in forum and jobs section and to spend […]

Do you want minors to get benefit under juvenile act for committing rape in India?

Supreme Court of India says that its hands are tied by law and SC can not stall release of juvenile in infamous Nirbhaya Delhi rape and murder case whereas Nirbhaya’s Mom says that Under-18s are Given License to Rape. Rajya Sabha is holding the Bill to treat offenders aged 16-18 as adults . Had Rajya […]

How to participate in Forum activities at

The forum is the heart of WQA and one of our most active sections. Here’s a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to forum threads. For FAQs on forum responses please refer: How to submit a Forum response at What is the forum section? The forum is an open section for all WQA […]

WQA introduces unique feature of Article on Demand

WQA introduces unique feature of Article on Demand Dear Members/Users/Visitors, Sometime people search for resources on topics of their own choice and all searches on the world wide web disappoint them when they do not find the topics of their choice. Are you one of such disappointed individuals tired of searching your desired topic on […]

How can I get approved for AdSense through WQA

I joined the WQA only recently. I am also running my blog website at Samadhan Kender ( I want to get approved for adsense but when I apply for adsense message is generated that your blog is not having enough content and is not eligible for AdSense. How can I get approved for AdSense through WQA? […]

What is the procedure and benefits of posting articles on WebQuestionAnswers

I want to post articles at WebQuestionAnswers. Can anybody tell the benefits and procedure for writing or posting articles at WQA? FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pin ItEmailShare on: WhatsApp

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