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Will Modi be re-elected?

Hi friends, Please share your views regarding Modi’s probability of re-elected in upcoming elections? FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pin ItEmailShare on: WhatsApp

Will there be hung parliament or clear majority government in 2014 elections?

Tentative schedule has been announced for 2014 elections and as per schedule the New elected Government is likely to come in Power in May 2014 in India. Will there be hung parliament or clear majority government in 2014 elections? FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pin ItEmailShare on: WhatsApp

Is it fair practice to distribute gifts to voters?

To woo the voters to exercise their right to franchise the UT Chandigarh Election Commission has come with noble idea that at each polling booth the election commission will provide surprise gifts and cash vouchers to the first 10 voters. There are approximately 500 polling booths in city beautiful. If we take the cost of […]

Is it fair to raise questions about qualifications of Smriti Irani, Cabinet Minister

When constitution of India did not prohibit Smriti Irani from contesting elections and there is no minimum prescribed qualification in the Constitution of India for becoming Cabinet Minister, MP, Prime Minister of even President of India then hue and cry by Congress Party clearly indicates that they want the constitution to be amended as per […]

Special tunnel for Narendra Modi – step in the right direction!

United States and European Countries are having special and secret tunnels connecting their residences with the nearest airports. Such arrangements will not only ensure security for the National and International leaders but will also ease the congestion on the public roads due to the movement of such leaders along with their escorts. Construction of the […]

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