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Terms of Use or Web Question Answers means, for the purpose of Terms of Use, the “Site” or We or Us or Team WQAINDIA and by using the “Site” the Visitors, Readers, Audiences, Users, Members referred to as “You” accept to be legally bound by the following Terms and Conditions which may be revised from time to time without any prior notice to you. You may not use WebQuestionAnswers in case you do not want to accept such terms and conditions.

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All the content on this site including Articles, Forums, Questions and Answers, Tutorials, Contests, Images, Designs are the Copyright of this site and its Members, Users and Authors. We permit the audience to read, download and share the Links for the personal use of your self, your friends and contacts for educational purpose or any one can add value to the content by commenting, answering or taking part in the forum discussions. However our Copyright Policy does not permit any of the above referred content and design to be utilized for commercial purposes and should not be reproduced or re-published anywhere on the web or in Book or E-Book shape without the permission of the respective author and the site owners and webmasters.

The site has its own reward policy in the shape of Awards and Contests and the users, members and authors of the site are shared revenue not only out of advertising through Google Adsense but also through its other media partners including third party ads along with declaration of Cash Prizes for the contributions made in the site as per Site’s Policy to enable the members to earn points and cash credited to their account with us. We engage editors, webmasters to review the submission and host the content submitted by the Authors, who are not permitted to remove the content which is already published and aired on the site, though the content belonging to the authors will continue to be in the names of respective authors.

In case the authors opts to remove any content from this site, the author or member may or may not be asked, at the sole discretion of the site administrators, to compensate the site for editing, publishing,  cash or other rewards, granted if any and other costs involved in protecting,  hosting and keeping back up of  the published content.

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There are no fees to join and it is totally free to the online community of internet users and they can share their knowledge, articles including tips for the public audiences in general and within the users of the site. As does not undertake any guarantee, warranty, accuracy and/or reliability of the content being published by the users, the users will be using the site at their sole risk and responsibility. The site will not be responsible for any type of direct, indirect or unforeseen Loss or Harm of any kind to its users by the other users, hackers, hijackers active on the internet. Neither the site can be held responsible for infected files, attachments, fan mails or viruses, malware and/or spyware though the site will try to protect its users in the best possible way within the resources available to the site owners for maintenance of the site as the site is not intended for commercial purposes and works on the principle of “No Profit No Loss”.

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The users, by using the site, give implied consent not to publish any content, data, images which may be considered illegal, porn, harmful, damaging, abusive, obscene, causing harassment, threatening, vulgar and objectionable in any manner, whatsoever or in violation of laws of the land. The users also agree that they will not invade rights of privacy of other users and will not publish anything which may be harmful to other user publicity. No content or material with 3rd party copyright, trademark, patent or proprietary rights will be uploaded by any types of users of the site. Just think and act if any other body uses or licenses, copyrights or duplicates your trademark and respect the rights of millions of other users on the web and if any member violates these rules, it is taken very seriously.

Members will not use the email addresses of our members or authors, which get published as per the request of the members or authors while they make their profiles, to send junk mail, spam mail or chain letters without the express permission of our members and authors.

All the local, state, national or international laws will be adhered to by the users of this site as applicable to them in their geographical locations and international treaties.

It is your own responsibility as an author to restrict your users to use source code to any project undertaken on the site or use your articles. Unless and until specifically provided the users will be at liberty to use the complied versions of the codes or raw codes in their own projects and programs and even distribute or collaborate with other programmers. However authors undertake that they are the owner and creator of the source code unless and until it is specified that you have verifiable permission from the original creator. of the article or code or otherwise has the right to redistribute it freely and you may not request removal of content at a later stage. takes no responsibility, no liability for disputes regarding ownership, copyright, or trademarks of the code uploaded to this site. However, by submitting your article or source code, you grant to, a nonexclusive, worldwide license to link to, reproduce, distribute, adapt, perform, display and sublicense the submitted code or content.

WebQuestionAnswers reserves its right to out rightly reject any submission, to change submissions, and/or to take off any submission from the site at any time without any prior notification. Site Administrators and Webmasters can remove any content which they believe is not appropriate for this site, with or without telling any reason. However if the article or content is approved and published, then the authors or members can not remove the article or content from the site without permission from site administrators. Sensitive Topics, Contents and Articles will be removed at the sole discretion of the webmasters.


DISCLAIMER will not be responsible for any Incidental, Consequential, Direct or Indirect Damages, or other losses of any kind for using the site, its blogs, sister or members sites, or links to third party sites including any Loss of Profits, Business Losses, Data Losses, Loss of Reputation or any Property Losses. The contents of the site are subject to change or update without any prior notice. We do not take responsibility of the accuracy or redundancy, or originality of the material or any contents including text, graphics, code, or other material, on the site. Also read our Special Disclaimer Notices.

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The site provides links to third party sites as a matter of convenience to the users, readers and we owe no responsibility and we do not have any control on third party links. If such links are misleading, changed, removed or content is changed to objectionable content then the link site operators will be responsible not only to their users but also misleading our users and in no way WebQuestionAnswers will not be responsible for any changed, removed, objectionable or misleading data put on such links or sites not owned by us..


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Read our Copyright Notice.

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