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How the Banks decide about Eligibility for Personal Loan?

My Bankers, the State Bank of India rejected my Personal Loan application on account of Bad CIBIL Score, Exhausted Repaying Capacity and lesser remaining service. Can anybody tell the eligibility criteria for availing Personal Loan from Banks in India? I am a Government Servant with 57 years of age with one Car Loan and Housing […]

How to check Airtel 2G and 3G balance and validility

We all know that the Airtel is one of the biggest newtwork in India. I want to know what are all the USSD codes associated with Airtel prepaid SIM card along with their usages. What USSD codes will be helpful to checking out 2G and 3G internet balances and validity? FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pin ItEmailShare on: WhatsApp

Do you know the best auto online portal fro buy and sell new cars or used cars with various information ?

I want to buy new car but first sell my old car, so suggest me best places for online portals. FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pin ItEmailShare on: WhatsApp

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