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Can I file IT Return even if my income is Nil?

How to fill a Self-Nill Return in e-filing IT-return Page? One of my friends had been filing IT return for the last 3-4 years. Now during this financial year, my friend earned “No Income”. Rather he incurred losses. Can my friend file IT Return for NIL income or is it mandatory for everybody to file […]

How Can I get the DigiLocker of Government of India free of cost?

Government of India has started the facility of providing DigiLocker free of cost to Indian Citizens to keep important documents online. I tried to sign up but I could not sign up to keep my important documents. Can your experts tell me how to get DigiLocker offered by GOI? FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pin ItEmailShare on: WhatsApp

Why do we call peg a “Peg”?

      While serving alcohol often people talk about pegs that is one peg or two pegs. Why do we call peg a “Peg”? FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pin ItEmailShare on: WhatsApp

Does divya durgra yantra to make desires come true?

How divya durga yantra use? FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pin ItEmailShare on: WhatsApp

Do you know the best auto online portal fro buy and sell new cars or used cars with various information ?

I want to buy new car but first sell my old car, so suggest me best places for online portals. FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pin ItEmailShare on: WhatsApp

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