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Web Question Answers did not take link submission

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I tried to post a link and WQA asks me to share it via a social media. I shared with G+ but still it did not take my link. Is it any technical error?

5 Responses to “Web Question Answers did not take link submission”

  1. Hello @niktar_hossain, sorry for delay in response. Please confirm did you tried to post link from Post a Link page ?

    Smiley Sharma
    Technical Webmaster
  2. However it is a great platform to discuss thins and get help. Thanks.

  3. Navneet Sood says:

    @NIKTAR_HOSSAIN,Welcome to WQA. Such topics and problems are to be discussed in forum section of the site. In ask experts only questions which have definite answers are asked. Open end discussions may be started in forum sections so that all members can see if there is any technical glitch. Anyhow now wait for technical editors or webmasters to respond.

    Team Member
    Samadhan Kender
  4. JB GUPTA says:

    @NIKTAR_HOSSAIN, It appears that you have not followed the Link Posting Guidelines at WQA.

    Jai Bhagwan Gupta
    Get CIBIL Report @ 150 Per Report
  5. Spiderman says:

    @NIKTAR__HOSSAIN, You seem to be correct. The matter has been referred to the webmasters at WQA. Wait for the response of technical editors and webmasters.

    Editor at Web Question Answers.

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