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New Member says Hi!

Hi there! I am Manjunath Bhat, new to WQA. I am an accountant by professions and web enthusiast by hobby. I would love to contribute here while enriching my knowledge at the same time. I am planning to be active in as many sections as possible especially in forum and jobs section and to spend […]

Let us Welcome Newbies at WQAINDIA

Let us welcome the new members who joined us during the last week. We request the new members to post a “Brief Self Introduction” about themselves. All the newbies have won the complimentary scores. Check your scores and report anomaly, if any, through Forum Requests. 1. John 2. Shikha 3. Jyoti Gupta 4. Catlin Huston 5. Allisa Laird 6. Gloria De […]

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