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Volkswagon Vento Car

Luxuries of yesteryears are becoming necessities of today. A few years back what was considered to be privilege of few is now the minimum requirement of Aam Aadmis. One of such luxury of yesteryears is Volkswagon sedan car which used to costing around Rs.20 lac is now available for less than Rs.10 lac. Would you like to miss the opportunity of being proud owner Volkswagon Vento?

Honda City Car

Honda City is a mid-range sedan which is within the affordable budget of an Aam Aadmi with maximum luxury. Climate Control feature is available in Honda City and you are just to set the temperature as you set the temperature while sleeping in an air conditioned room. Front and Rear seats do have armed rests. Dash board has the latest features with indicators of average speed, average fuel consumption and above all distance to be covered with the remaining fuel tank to be emptied. While keys are just for opening the door the vehicle can be started or stopped with a push button on the dash board. Music system is having blue tooth connectivity along with USB ports. Latest Honda City has Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) so that you do not feel tired changing gears and clutches.

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