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3 Natural Remedies for Cold

Have you thought that some of the most effective remedies against colds viruses or infections can easily be found in our home

2 Tips to keep Healthy after Fifty

When we are old it may appear more difficult to keep us in shape

2 Ways to Reduce Anxiety

One of the effective formulas that helps us to tone up our muscles

The Problem of Eating Disorder

There are a lot of people who suffer from eating disorder called bulimia in medical parlance

Tips to Avoid Obesity

One of the concerns of today ‘s society is the increasing number of people of all ages who are overweight

The importance of Drinking Water

By drinking water we improve the functioning of our organs and help make our blood more fluid

Simple Tips for a Good Health

To be healthy is necessary to maintain a good physical emotional and psychological as well as following a healthy diet and exercise

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