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PAN Card Information Needed

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Just wanted to know if some body is using 2 PAN cards to save the taxes what action is been taken by the authority. And what are the charges.How he/she can be tracked. What are the actions take by the government.

To apply for pan card visit :

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2 Responses to “PAN Card Information Needed”

  1. Harsh Gupta says:

    Visit for detailed information.

  2. Profile photo of Spiderman Spiderman says:

    One of my friends is working as CIBIL Consultant [] and during investigations – it was found that individuals were having multiple PAN cards just to cheat the Banks but they filed their income tax returns under only one PAN Card. It is also found that Government has also alloted same PAN Card Number to two different individuals [] – who are facing difficulty in filing and tracking their income tax returns.

    To remove these anomalies Government of India has correctly asked the citizens to link their PAN card with their Aadhar and the unlinked PAN cards will automatically be invalidated and removed for the system.

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