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Will Modi be re-elected?

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Hi friends, Please share your views regarding Modi’s probability of re-elected in upcoming elections?

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One Response to “Will Modi be re-elected?”

  1. Ashok Goyal says:

    I am sure that Modi will get a thumping majority in 2019 as Modi has uplifted the Pride of India as a Nation in the international arena. Previously the young Indians used to learn foreign languages like English, German, French so that they do not face any difficulty while working offshore. Now the foreigners are learning Hindi so that they do not face any difficulty while working in India. I was just checking and there was a big rush of foreigners who were eager to learn Hindi as soon as possible. This shift has taken place due to well-conceived development policies by Modi Government. Moreover, Modi is taking hard decisions in the national interest and is not following the policy of appeasement by resorting vote bank politics. Now the Indian voter has become more alert with a sense of patriotism and they know if Indians do not change their mindsets now then they will continue to be exploited dynastic rules like Mughal Raj, Gulam Vansh, and Nehru Dynasty in Independent India. If we are to think in long-term then we must vote and support Modi in General 2019 elections.

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