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What is the purpose of a rectifier

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What is the purpose of a rectifier
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(a) To adjust the voltage.
(b) To adjust the amperage.
(c) To covert AC to DC.
(d) To reduce the chance of arc strike

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One Response to “What is the purpose of a rectifier”

  1. JB GUPTA says:

    @puneet_sharma, Welcome to WQA. You appear to be a newbie at WQA. It is nice that you have completed your profile with social links. You have asked the objective type of question to be selected out of answers provided by you.

    The correct answer to your question is (c). Rectifier is an electrical device which converts Alternating Current (AC)to Direct Current (DC).

    You have given an idea to have “Objective Type” questions within the “Ask Experts” section of the website and the issue is being looked into by technical team at WQA.

    Had you asked the question “What is the purpose of Rectifier” without providing the answers, more members could have posted detailed reply and information about the rectifier. But now the question gets closed with the correct answer and it is expected that you may confirm the correctness of answer option selected by me.

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