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Why there is only one category under Technology?

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This site is really good. But, is it not updated totally yet? I see only one category by name “Google Products” under “Technology”. When will other categories gets added up?

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One Response to “Why there is only one category under Technology?”

  1. Ashok Goyal says:

    @belide, I welcome your participation on this site which is managed by a single person as a hobby. If I get support of persons like you, I am sure that this website can become a Global Site. I would have given you the editing powers but for the reason that a senior citizen like me will like to move slowly so that the control of the site does not fall into wrong hands. However you can suggest categories under “Technology” through Forum Suggestions and I assure you to add the categories to be suggested by you. I would like to have your views on the website which has been built by me in about 18 months and still working on it. Your suggestions are really encouraging. I look towards mutual trust so that we can join hands to develop further.

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