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Boy or Girl – Say Good Bye to Illegal Sex Determination Tests

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Boy or Girl – Say Good Bye to Illegal Sex Determination Tests
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Author of the article is a member of hundreds of discussion forum on the web on the burning topic of social, economic and technical aspects. The author got stunned to note that people, not only in India but throughout the world preferred a boy as their first issue and the craze for having a baby boy became so immense that the would be moms, parents, fathers, grand parents connived with the radiologists to tell about the sex of the child in the womb ultrasonically so that they could abort the female fetus before it could take birth. The Indian Government had to ban prenatal sex determination tests to contain the falling female : male sex ratio which also resulted into other social evils and crime against women.

Chinese Pregnancy Chart

Despite all bans there is no denying a fact that people throughout the world still prefer their first issue to be boy instead of girl? Would be moms and parents are now relying on the Chinese Gender Chart which is believed to predict the sex of the baby in the mother’s womb. As per Legendary stories the Chinese Gender Chart is more than 750 years old and is believed to have been discovered in a Royal Tomb. It is believed to predict the sex of the baby in the mother’s womb. Even the Mom to Be or parents can plan the boy or girl on the basis of  Chinese Gender Chart of Pregnancy which is linked to Chinese Lunar Age at the time when the Mom to Be gets pregnant and the Chinese Lunar Month in which the baby is conceived by Mom to be. Though there is no scientific facts to prove that the Chinese Gender Pregnancy Calender works, but keeping in view that there are two choices – Boy or Girl –  it will predict correctly by more than about 50 percent as per Newton’s Law of Approximation or Probability which says that if a coin is thrown up then Head and Tail are likely to  be in the ratio of 50:50. Similarly Chinese Gender Pregnancy Calender is likely to take the call correctly by more than 50%. In your case it can be 100% correct and you can try the Chinese Pregnancy Gender Chart or Calender for the sake of fun without any harm at least and fulfill your first will. Does it not seem to be interesting and  entertaining!

How to use Chinese Pregnancy Calender: 

  1. The numerical value on the left of the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar show the age of the Mom to Be at the time of conception.
  2. The months at the top of the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar are to be taken into account as to when the the baby got conceived.
  3. Just follow the row across for the mother’s age and check the column down to note the month when the baby was conceived.
  4. The meeting point where the row and column meet will indicate the gender of the baby as per the Chinese Pregnancy Calender shown on the right.

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