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Can IT Notice be resolved online?

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Can IT Notice be resolved online?
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How to resolve IT Notice online? 
Have you received notice from Income Tax Department? Do not panic? Notice does not necessarily mean that you have to pay more taxes or any penalties. Some notices are just sent to you to for the sake of information or alert. Now the IT Department has facilitated the process of filing your reply to the IT Notice through simplified online process.
Why do you get the Income Tax Notice?
You can get IT notices as a matter of general routine in the following cases:
  • It is mandatory to file IT Return for income of INR 3 lac or more. In case you have not filed the return before due date, you can get the IT Notice.
  • Efiling of IT Return is compulsory for income of INR 5 lacs or more.
  • On successful filing and e-verification of IT Return, the IT Department sends notice as information in token of having received the IT Return.
  • In case of any mismatch of TDS as per your 26AS and IT Return, you may also get the notice as information.
  • Notice is also send to inform if any Tax is payable or Refundable to the assessee.
  • Notices are also issued in respect of Cash and Property Transactions which get reflected in your 26AS.

What to do on receipt of IT Notice? 

  • In case you can not understand or interpret the IT Notice then it is advisable to seek the advice of IT Experts.
  • Government of India, through incometaxindiaefiling website, has started the e-Nivaran link when you log in to your income tax profile. Through this link you can seek resolution of your IT Notice and even upload zipped PDF file of up to 5 MB. Through e-Nivaran you can get all your problems related to PAN, Refund, TDS or Income Tax.
  • Through compliance window in your IT profile you can comply with any outstanding issues. If there is any demand then you can ask for the Demand Notice and even file rectification if any online.
  • In case there in any Tax Demand then you can click “Response to Outstanding Tax Demand” and select the assessment year to which is belongs. The income tax portal will provide you three options 1) Demand is Correct 2) Demand is Partially Correct or 3) Disagree with Demand. On you verifying that Demand is correct, partially correct the portal will ask you further user friendly questions to provide logical solutions online.
Consequences of Non-compliance of IT Notice? 
Most of the IT notices are sent by the IT Department via email ID. However in respect of physical or electronic IT Notices, the Notice  has to be responded within given timeframe and reply can be filed online or submitted in person/registered AD post. Non filing of reply within the given timeframe can result in to fine up to Rs.10000 and in some cases imprisonment upto 1 year. On receipt of IT Notice in case you feel that you require more time to comply then talk to your assessing officer who is empowered to give you more time to comply with the IT Notice.
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2 Responses to “Can IT Notice be resolved online?”

  1. Mohamed Koya says:


    My question is whether the notice sent on line is properly served in the case of assesses who have no habit of checking mail daily.


    • Ashok Goyal says:

      When IT Return is e-filed online, the notice is served in your Income Tax Profile and compliance of the notice can also be submitted through incometaxindiaefiling website of Government of India.

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