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Prevent Emergencies due to Road, Rail, Water and Air accidents

We can prevent traffic accidents on Road, Rail, Sea or in the Air by following Do’s and Don’ts : Road Traffic:  Follow traffic rules meticulously as by violating traffic rules you are not only risking your life but also endangering the life of others on the road. Follow traffic signs and symbols and even if you […]

Emergency Numbers in Your Area

Following emergency numbers need to be kept handy or saved in mobile numbers. Though Universal Emergency Numbers are under updation so that while roaming internationally, the mobile user can dial the emergency services to contact the emergency helpline numbers globally as it may be difficult to know the emergency numbers if such numbers are different for […]

Learning Centre – Search Engine Optimization and ways to earn revenue online.

By becoming a member of, you are just a few steps away from earning revenue from premium online programs like Google AdSense. There are number of more tips and tricks that can make you learn to earn better revenue: Follow us on our Google+ Page at to get regular updates. Join the discussion […]

Preventing Emergencies – Learn First Aid Safety Tips

First Aid is a simple process of helping some one in distress at your home, school, community, work place, who may get injured or suffer a medical condition necessitating immediate shifting to medical emergency. The time gap between the happening of condition calling for medical emergency and actual arrival of medical emergency is very crucial […]

First Aid Safety Tips in case of Electric Shocks

Electrical burns can be caused by the heat of electricity or injuries caused by electric current flowing through the body. While external burns resulting from the heat or flames caused by electricity are treated the same way as heat burns as electrical injuries can cause only minor external burns when the electricity enters the body […]

How to treat and provide first aid in case of burns – Part I

Body burns can be caused by many factors but broadly speaking the cause of burns can be broadly classified into three categories: Heat Burns including sub burn Chemical Burns Electric Burns Severity of the burn will be deciding factor for medical emergency but the following First Aid Safety Tips may help the victim to avoid the […]

How to treat and provide first aid in case of burns – Part II

What is Sunburn? Sun provides us heat and energy and the Sun also emit ultraviolet rays (UV radiations) which may be harmful to the skin if over exposed. Ultraviolet rays are not visible to the naked eye and in case we look towards the shining sun our eyes blink and the retina is not exposed […]

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