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Preventing Emergencies – Learn First Aid Safety Tips

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First Aid is a simple process of helping some one in distress at your home, school, community, work place, who may get injured or suffer a medical condition necessitating immediate shifting to medical emergency. The time gap between the happening of condition calling for medical emergency and actual arrival of medical emergency is very crucial and first aid can make all the difference and may save a precious life. Medical Emergencies calling for first aid may include:
  • Sudden Falls on floors or from heights.
  • Traffic Accidental Injuries. (Road, Rail, sea or Air traffic)
  • Mechanical Accidents in workplaces like civil construction, Lift or Elevator failures.
  • Burn Injuries due to fire accidents or otherwise.
  • Animal Bites like Snake bites, Dog and monkey bites.
  • Drowning is swimming pools, during flood, or otherwise.
  • Electrocution.
  • Poisoning including Food Poisoning.
We will help you to prepare your minimum first aid kit at home, work, in public transports. 
If you have time, Join Us and help us to help others. If you are busy tell others to join us to prepare an ever ready force of volunteers.

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