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If you are a content writer or freelancer then there in an opportunity knocking at your door as we require freelancers and content writers to build up content for our website which is being upgraded for Adsense API Host revenue sharing site. You need to act fast to grab this opportunity which may spin money for you in the near future. To enable you to apply for this opportunity, you need to do the following:

  1. Make your active profile on the site by following How to Log in.
  2. Just write 2-3 unique articles, not copied from elsewhere,  and submit your article through Post a Article.
  3. Simultaneously submit your request in Forums Section of the site to be considered for the opportunity. Write a few words about your capability telling us as to why you consider yourself fit for this unique responsibility.

Apply with confidence before it is too late. We hate spamming and violation of copyright. Before submitting your article please ensure checking for plagiarism through our Check Copied Content tool. While checking you are to select “Check only My Articles” and random google search results will be shown by the tool. Visit the random pages to find if your article is unique or appears in any of the existing articles in the search results.

Best Wishes for Happy New Year 2015.

Ashok Goyal,
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