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Can Adsense publishers get the payments from Google via Wire Transfer?

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Delivery of Google Adsense checks is delayed abnormally and it is cumbersome to encash checks in dollars. Is it true that Google Adsense has activated the Wire Transfer or EFT facility of Publishers in India.

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2 Responses to “Can Adsense publishers get the payments from Google via Wire Transfer?”

  1. Ashok Goyal says:

    But in my case my banker the Punjab National Bank deducted an amount of US $12 out of payment of US $101.95 crediting my account with $89 only at the current rate of approx a little more than INR 60 per US dollar. Can the members quote the rates being charged by different banks in India for inward remittances through IMT or EFT.

  2. JB GUPTA says:

    During first week of March 2014, Google Adsense introduced wire transfer for adsense publishers who received payments on a verified payment address in India and to receive payment for the month ending February, 2014. The beneficiary publishers have been advised to make their preference change prior to Sunday, 16 March, 06:00 AM IST. The system is introduced on feedback from publishers in India who participated in Google’s Beta testing report for wire transfers. As per feed back from Indian Publishers during beta testing the minimal fees was around Rs. 55/- to Rs. 110/-, approximately $0.90 to $1.80. It can vary from Bank to Bank also.To enable the wire transfers the publishers will have to put a self hold on payments so that Google can upgrade the account to be eligible for participating in Wire Transfer beta testing program.

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