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Do you agree that more than 99.999% of Indians are Honest?

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Do you agree that more than 99.999% of Indians are Honest?
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I was just reading the “Punjab Kesari” newspaper and my eyes struck on the news headline on front page reading as under:
“Padma Awards are awarded only to dishonest people” – Statement by Sharad Yadav, the President of Janata Dal (United).
The news item made me think if:
1. All the rest of Indians, around 99.999% are honest as they have not been awarded the degree of dishonesty through Padma awards by Government of India.
2. He has himself classified as “Honest”. Had he been awarded Padma Award then he might have to surrender the award.
3. By uttering the irresponsible statement Mr.Sharad Yadav has not only disgraced the institution of “Padma Awards” to Indian and even foreigners but insulted the scholars like Sheldon Pollock who have been honored with Padma Award by Government of India.
4. Such irresponsible statements by celebrities public figures, who remained Union Cabinet Minister on many occasions, represented in both the Houses of Indian Parliament, can cause irreparable loss to the Nation if all the foreign dignitaries awarded with Padma Awards feel insulted and prefer to surrender the awards as a sign of protest.
5. Let the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and Hon’ble President of India should take note of the irresponsible behaviour of one time member of the Rajya Sabha and reprimed the leader by announcing suitable punishment before his message goes down the lane.

Now my question of debate in this forum is if the rest of 99.999% of Indians, who are note awarded Padma Awards, are really Honest. Send your reactions on the statement of Mr.Sharad Yadav and propose as to what type of punishment be awarded by Hon’ble Supreme Court or President of India to Mr.Yadav for having disgraced the Nation and its prestigious Padma Award.

Ashok Goyal,
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Do you agree that more than 99.999% of Indians are Honest?
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