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Do you want to become partners with Google Adwords?

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Do you want to become partners with Google Adwords?
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Becoming partners with Google is matter of pride and we lost no time to try and check as to what is new with Google Partners. Soon we realized that to become partners with Google, one is supposed to qualify any of the two exams to get certified by the great Gooogle as their partners. We have synchronized the eligibility conditions and basic requirements for our members. What are you thinking now? 

Google Partners MCCTo get invitation from our company  Just register with us and submit your request along with email ID to be invited by Web Question Answers in the forum below to get invitation mail from our MCC that is Web Question Answers. Once you receive the invitation mail then open your own Google Adwords account and do not forget to set your Billing account with minimum payment of INR 500-00. If you do not have any credit card you can send your payment through Net Banking account also. Through invitation mail we will arrange to send you Google Adwords coupon for INR 2000-00 so that you can learn the Google Advertising Process by launching Adword Campaigns for websites and products of Advertisers known to you. You will appreciate that to become a Google Partner free of cost and to prepare and attempt the online tests you will have to first do it practically. You can enroll yourself for free Google Certification by mentioning our MCC# account number as shown in the screenshot on the left as it is the pre-condition to be a member of MCC before attempting the examinations but make sure to open an Google Adwords account with minimum balance of INR 500-00. As we have limited coupons please apply immediately to not to get disappointed…

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