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Facebook Charging INR 21.47 for a message in India

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Due to my preoccupations I could not visit my facebook account for about a fortnight. During this fortnight I developed new relationships and you will appreciate that when new relationships are developed then contact levels multiply geometrically.  For example a boy and a girl get engaged then a new relationship develops within two families and each family is having their own family tree roots. Think of how many family relationships are possible in India through the following basic relationships:

  1. Father
  2. Mother
  3. Son (Elder)
  4. Son (Younger)
  5. Daughter (Elder)
  6. Daughter (Younger)

Now think of a situation in which father or mother might be the members of similar family tree as elder son or younger daughter then each of them will be having father, mother, paternal uncles (Tau and Chacha in India), maternal uncles (Mamas in India),  maternal aunties (Mausies in India), paternal aunties (Buas in India and there husbands becoming Fufas in India), Sister in laws ( Like Devrani, Bhabi, Jethani, Saali, Salehar etc etc.). Then comes the relations like aunties called Chachi, Tai , Mami and one will have to drawn a Big Family Tree to understand all the relationships.

Now when a boy and a girl get engaged a chain reaction of relationships starts giving rise to relationships between two families and extended further to the families of other relations. If we could have database of such relationships from the date of origin of the mankind I am sure that every human being will find his or her roots in the stone age populations. Anyhow coming to the basic point, everybody on getting engaged or having new relationship will like to connect to the new faces on the facebook. Earlier it used to be just by remembering the names, faces and locations but now the technologies like facebook and What’s app has made it possible to know each and every movement of individuals and locate them while they are on the move.

FB UserI tried to befriend the new relationships on the facebook but I was astonished that facebook is demanding INR 21.47 for sending messages directly to the inbox of the intended relation to befriended. I tried it for other relations to and similar message as shown in the screenshot on the left side appeared on the screen. Frankly speaking I never like to pay for making friendships. Friendships or relationships are beyond money matter. Friendship or relations created with money power can not be relied upon as a true friendship. Keeping this in mind I opted for using the option that my message will go to the relationship to befriended in his or her other folder because I am not yet connected to the relationship to befriended.

Do you like making payment for sending a messages to make friends with new relations on facebook. Let the Indian people reject the idea as foolish and stupid idea otherwise social networks like facebook will exploit our sentiment beyond our imaginations. I request the members at WebQuestionAnswers to post their independent views on this group discussion.

Now the forum question is as to How much a message is important to you and to ensure that your message does not land into the spam folder of the recipient are you ready to pay INR 21.47 or even more in the near future.


Facebook Charging INR 21.47 for a message in India

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I will Pay as it will discourage spam messages
Facebook is exploiting the sentiments of Indian users on Facebook
Stupid Idea, I will like to close Facebook Account
Let the Hefty Price Tag be shared by Facebook with User in 10:90 ratio
It is unbelievable.
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  1. Its really unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!

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