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Want to be editor/webmaster in this site

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This website is really impressive. The idea behind the launch of this website is great. I want to become an editor/webmaster in this website. I have an experience of writing all sort of articles, reviewing them and working as a content manager.

Please, do consider me and looking forward for your reply!

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One Response to “Want to be editor/webmaster in this site”

  1. Ashok Goyal says:

    @belide, First of all let me thank you that you have liked the idea of our website and you have shown your inclination to become editor or webmaster. For this you need to pass through the following process:

    1. Please complete your full profile including brief profile, social profile and we have also introduced the forum signatures where you can link your owned blog of website, if any.
    2. You need to get your complimentry scores other than referral scores.
    3. In your brief profile please do mention your qualifications, interests and online achievements, if any.
    4. Last but not the least write 4 to 5 good articles on Health, Technology or other subject of your own choice. The article should not be a copied article and it should be unique. You can check your article through our Check Copied Content.

    Rest assured that we are very liberal in allowing the engineering students or technology experts to become our editors and /or webmasters. You can post your response immediately below this forum response by none other than CEO and Founder Owner of the site who is also an Adsense Expert.

    Ashok Goyal,
    Consult me for CIBIL Problems

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