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How to delete WebQuestionAnswer account?

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I want to delete my account from this website. Please help me out.

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One Response to “How to delete WebQuestionAnswer account?”

  1. Spiderman says:

    Hello @sarathforhelp, I am one of the editors of this website. Actually, Web Question Answers pays to the content writers for their unique content articles, questions, and answers etc. and the whole content becomes the property of Web Question Answers. I have seen your profile which is just a blank profile without any content. In case you do not log into your profile for say 6 moths than it will become inactive which can be activated by you anytime. There is no harmful content attached to your profile. However, your request has been forwarded to the webmasters as WQA does not provide the facility of deleting any content for which authors have received the payment from WQA.

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