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Multiple Profies on WQA can be Deleted

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Multiple Profies on WQA can be Deleted
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As per Rules and Regulations in force at WQA, no one can make multiple profiles to garner more scores and earn more Cash Bucks from WQA. Members are advised not to make multiple profiles bu resorting to unethical practices and adhere to the following rules and regulations:

  • Not more than one Profile associated with same email ID.
  • One and only one profile is restricted to one machine that is Laptop, PC, Android Phone, I Phone etc and multiple profiles coming from the same IP address can be deleted without any further Notice to the concerned member. However, relaxation is given if Husband and Wife, both make their profiles from the same IP address associated with their physical address.

While we welcome everyone on board at WQA, we have observed that  members have not completely edited the following items:

  1. Real Profile Photo which will also help you to get acclaimed as Google Verified Author.
  2. Public Information
  3. Profile
  4. Information (visible to site admins only)
  5. Social Information to auto-share your own content to social networks
  6. Brief Profile (visible to members only)
  7. Forum Signatures – a rare functionality provided by any website admin to promote one of your blog, website or content within policy guidelines of WQA
  8. AdSense Settings – where existing AdSense Publishers can associate their AdSense Publisher ID with WQA to get 100% AdSense Revenue Share on their content at WQA. Remember, Good and Real Profile are liked by Google Search Engines. We do not like the spammer and spam profiles run the risk of getting deleted. However, if you require any help, you can post it on Forum Topic

Moreover, the existing relaxations in rules and regulations have been withdrawn with immediate effect.

Ashok Goyal,
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