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Which ID and Address Proof is Most Reliable in India

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Which ID and Address Proof is Most Reliable in India
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In India there is a huge chaos of Identity and Address Proofs and every dividual is keeping so many Identity and Proof ID’s with different information and the ID holder uses the ID of his or her own choice either to get undue benefits or to cheat the others. The government of India, introduced UID (Aadhaar Number) to get rid of ID and Address Proof ID cards. Why the Indian Government makes it mandatory for all institutions to rely on one and only one ID Proof that is UID to clean data of PAN, VOTER, PASSPORT and DRIVING LICENSE and other ID’s being issued in India.

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2 Responses to “Which ID and Address Proof is Most Reliable in India”

  1. Dear Spider-Man,

    Our government wants to know one person’s activity completely through a single id. i.e. one’s income(bank activity), phone activity(linking aadaar into sim), address, like that. Same thing doing in USA also. They are following one social number for every person. If government or police wants in USA to know person’s activity, there are just follow social number. But my advise is to keep update of all ids flawless until other government appears. Because who knows the next government will cancel aadaar , and reinstate other id’s….

  2. Gurmeet Singh says:

    I think that there is no reliable ID and Address Proof in India. Today when I went to State Bank of India for taking Personal Loan against salary I was surprised that my CIBIL report included more than 30 loan accounts totalling more than 5.50 crores which belonged to some other Gurmeet Singh of Chandigarh due to the reason that Income Tax Department issued the sam PAN Card Number to both of us with different photographs of us. I am going from pillar to post but nobody is listening and I can neither get back the TDS wrongly deducted by the employer nor I can get a loan from any bank. Thanks to the multiple Identity Cards prevalent in India.

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